Network Metals LLC

Excellence in International Trading

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Metals, Ores & Alloys Trading

Network Metals LLC began in 2004 as an international metals, ores and alloys import/distribution company based in New York. The company was established with the objective of providing globally sourced metals, ores and alloys to smelters, foundries and fabricating mills.

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Metals, Ores & Alloy Products

Industrial Base Metals: Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Nickel in Primary, Alloy and Scrap form

FerroAlloys: FerroChrome, FerroVanadium, Ferro Manganese, FerroSilicon, FerroMolybdenum, FerroNiobium

Minor Metals: Manganese, Silicon, Chrome, Titanium

Consumer Products

In 2014 Network Metals branched out into manufacturing and distributing consumer products. From concept to consumer we bring products to life! We invent, license, manufacture and source existing or newly invented products then distribute globally through sales channels that include traditional brick & mortar with specific expertise in global e-Commerce.

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Consumer Product Categories

Wholesale and Retail
Sold under the Arcadius Garden Brand
Home & Garden
Farm & Ranch
Consumer Electronics



SOURCING: Network Metals’ strength is in sourcing products that are supplied from over 20 countries around the world and represent a cross section of producers and manufacturers.

EXPERIENCE: Management has over 40 years of experience in the global physical industrial metals industry. Network Metals is able to provide customers with specifically designed, assayed, sized and packaged goods that enable consumers to maximize their industrial raw material and consumer product purchases.

LOGISTICS: Additionally, Network Metals is able to physically transport, store and distribute these products according to the specific location and packaging required by each consumer. Network Metals relies on only first-class global shipping, rail and trucking lines, warehouse and distribution facilities across America to fulfill its customers’ needs.

CONSULTING SERVICES: Network Metals also provides Consulting Services to a wide range of industry participants adjacent to the industrial metals and consumer products world including Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Groups and Law firms. These clients are active in both the financial and physical movement of global commodities.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Network Metals Management prides itself on their expertise in Price Risk Management. This includes hedging on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Pricing strategies on numerous industry pricing mechanisms.

Network Metals’ main goal is to build a bridge between the global supply of these metal raw materials and their USA consumers who might not have the financial or logistical ability to broaden their supply base.

By providing quality products at competitive prices to consumers, Network Metals is able to establish a reputation as a reliable supplier of industrial metal raw materials and consumer products.

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