Metal, Ore & Alloy Trading

Network Metals LLC began in 2004 as a metals, ores and alloys import/distribution company based in New York. The company was established with the objective of providing globally sourced metals, ores and alloys to smelters, foundries and fabricating mills. The company has specific expertise in the raw materials that make steel.

The company’s network of global suppliers has been an important part of its success. Strong relationships, established over 30 years, have enabled Network Metals to discover, design and deliver according to specific customer needs. Network Metals physical trading expertise in non-ferrous metals has been accompanied with trading on the LME. (London Metal Exchange) Flexibility in pricing through hedging has also been an important part of the company’s success, and has helped customers and suppliers to widen their profit margins.

The company also has deep knowledge of transportation and logistics operations and utilizes that expertise to enhance trading operation.

Network Metals has acted as Offtake partner for various suppliers around the globe and as exclusive territory distributor for specific metals and ores.

Some of the products include:

Metals Ferroalloys
Aluminum Silicon
Copper Manganese
Nickel Chrome
Zinc Molybdenum
Lead Vanadium
Scrap  Metallic Slag Recovery
Master Alloys